Hello my fellow Singaporeans, SBG Patron, Members, Associates and Business Partners,

I am privileged and proud to continue to serve as President of Singapore Business Group, Ho Chi Minh City for term 2018-2020. Our Executive Committee includes the very finest members of the business community.

As the voice of Singapore businesses in Ho Chi Minh City since 1992, the Singapore Business Group strives to promote a diverse, vibrant and sustainable business community across the region. We exist to focus on helping our members to integrate into the business community in Ho Chi Minh City and we emphasize what makes our Business Group stand out from other non-profit organizations like ours by providing world class services to our members.

The Business Group provides leadership and resources to a diverse audience, including community leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, employees and educators. We are here to support our members in their various pursuits of business growth.

It is heartening to see our core membership base has grown to 400. We have members from all walks of life and world class industries in plethora disciplines. Without your support, Singapore Business Group would never have achieved this incredible milestone.

Every year we offer numerous business functions and events to help our members develop strategic relationships within the business community. In 2018 alone, we have organized 10 networking functions, business forums and 42 co-host functions. Join us for one of our numerous networking events throughout the year to grow your business!

Whatever your business needs are, Singapore Business Group is here to help your business succeed !

Norman Lim


Singapore Business Group

Mr. Norman LimPresident